• Drip coffee bag

Pyramid tea bag and Drip coffee bag packing material manufacturer and supplier here, as a manufacturing company, offer you the professional packaging solution and production line..

Drip coffee bag production line, drip coffee bag packing machine
Pyramid tea bag production line, pyramid tea bag packing machine

Drip coffee bag roll making machine and tagging machine

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Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd started in 2004 and is a leading designer and manufacturer for packing machinery. As Manufacturers, suppliers, manufacturing company, we offer pyramid tea bag packing machine, drip coffee bag packaging machine, automatic tea bag tagging machine, Filter paper tea bag packing machine! In 2019, we set up a new company to produce the Fruit and vegetable packaging machine, mushroom tray warpping and packing machine, Welcome to our factory to have a c...


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