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For beverage industry, like tea and coffee, one-stop service, this page will advise you the Packing Machine, Wrapping Machine, and Packaging Materials to fit.

Part 1: Pyramid tea bag packing machine for pyramid tea bag and Packing Solution:

1. Single pyramid tea bag with thread and tag.
2. Single pyramid tea bag with thread and tag + outer wrap
3. Single pyramid tea bag with thread and tag + into stand up pouch

Part 2: Drip coffee packing machine for drip coffee filter bag and cold brew coffee bag:

For tea and coffee, the most popular Packing Solution for now is Pyramid tea bag, Drip coffee bag, Cold brew coffee bag, Filter paper tea bag, etc.

Part 3: Filter paper tea bag packing machine in market for now:

1. Double chamber tea bag + outer envelope
2. Dip tea bag with thread and tag + outer envelope
3. Single chamber tea bag + outer pack
4. Filter coffee bag with thread and tag

Part 4: Multilane packaging machine

Multilane stick pack packing machine is an efficient and reliable automated packaging equipment,including multi lane stick packing machine, and multi line sachet packaging machine, suitable for packaging various granule, powder, liquid, sauce in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industry.

Multi line stick packing machine for beverage industry:
(1): Tea: Tea is a common granular material. The multi-row machine can efficiently complete the packaging of tea, including tea bags, stick tea, instant tea and other packaging forms.
(2): Coffee powder: Coffee powder are powdery materials, including the 3 in 1 coffee, instant coffee, etc. The multi-row packing machine can achieve fast and accurate packaging and improve production efficiency.

Multi lane sachet packaging machine for sauces and seasonings:
(1): Sauces: Tomato sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter and other liquid sauces
(2): Seasoning packages: Sugar, salt, sweeteners, hot pot base ingredients, instant noodle seasoning packages.These are powdery or granular seasonings that can be packaged by a multi-lane packing machine.
(3): Liquid Seasoning: Soy sauce, peanut oil, vinegar, salad oil.

Multi lane stick packing machine pharmacy in pharmaceutical industry:
(1): Granular medicines: such as pellets, cold granules, capsules, etc. These medicines are usually packaged in a certain number of granules. The multi-row machine can efficiently complete the packaging of these drugs and improve production efficiency.
(2): Powder medicines: such as powders, sprays and other powdered medicines. Multi-row machines can achieve fast and precise packaging to ensure packaging quality and safety.
(3): Liquid: honey stick, honeystick, liquid stick, ice cream stick, shampoo, ketchup stick pack, cream chocolate, cosmetic liquids, cough syrup.

As a multi Lane stick pack packing machine manufacturer and supplier, we are professional  in the field of packaging machinery with their comprehensive product lines and strong professionalism. Whether it is powder, granular or liquid products, whether it is single-row or multi-lane packaging, whether it is a single machine operation or a cartoning lines, we can provide professional solutions, demonstrating their strong technical strength and market competitiveness.

First of all, from the perspective of packaging objects, as multi-lane packaging machine manufacturer, we can comprehensively cover various materials from powders to granules to liquids. For powder packaging, we use a special metering system and sealing technology to ensure that powder products can be evenly and accurately filled into packaging bags and achieve a good sealing effect. For granule packaging, we use various technologies such as vibrating feeding and spiral feeding to achieve continuous and rapid packaging of granules to ensure packaging efficiency and product quality. For liquid packaging, we focus on improving the stability of the pumping system and measurement accuracy, so that liquid products can be accurately measured and packaged stably to meet the packaging needs of various liquid products.

Secondly, from the perspective of packaging form, as multi-line packaging machine manufacturer, we can meet various packaging needs from single row to multi-row. Single-line packaging machines are suitable for small-scale, low-speed packaging needs, while multi-row packaging machines can greatly improve packaging efficiency and meet large-scale, high-volume production requirements. We can not only provide multi-row packaging machines of different specifications and models, but also customize personalized packaging solutions according to the actual needs of customers to achieve diversification and flexibility of packaging forms.

In addition, from the perspective of production line construction, as a multi-line packaging machine manufacturer, the resource supplier, we can achieve comprehensive coverage from stand-alone machines to cartoning lines. Single machine operation is suitable for simple packaging needs, while the cartoning production line can realize automated and continuous packaging operations, improving production efficiency and product quality. Manufacturers not only have the ability to produce stand-alone equipment, but can also design, install and debug the entire cartoning line according to customers' production needs, providing one-stop solutions.

In terms of professionalism, multi-line packaging machine manufacturers have professional R&D teams and technical personnel who can keep up with market trends and technological developments and continuously launch innovative and competitive new packaging machinery, and focus on technological innovation and quality improvement of equipment, and adopt advanced production processes and strict quality management to ensure the stability and durability of equipment. At the same time, also focus on communication and cooperation with customers, actively collect customer feedback, and continuously improve products and services to meet customer needs and expectations.

Multi-line packaging machine manufacturers have demonstrated strong competitiveness and market influence in the field of packaging machinery by virtue of their comprehensive product lines and strong professionalism. Whether it is in terms of packaging objects, packaging forms or production line construction, manufacturers can provide professional solutions and high-quality services, providing comprehensive support and guarantee for customers' packaging needs.

Part 5: Automatic cartoning machine for pyramid tea bag, drip coffee bag, stick pack in paper box - specially built for tea and coffee company!

As tea culture and coffee culture become increasingly popular, tea and coffee companies have increasingly higher requirements for automatic carton box packaging machine. In order to meet this market demand, we have specially developed a fully automatic cartoning machine, specially tailored for tea and coffee company.

This cartoning machine not only has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, and stability, but also fully considers the actual needs of tea and coffee companies in its detailed design:

(1): Professional packaging design: Based on the characteristics of tea bags and coffee bags, special sealing technology and materials are used to ensure the tightness and beauty of the packaging while maintaining the quality and taste of the product.
(2): Intelligent identification system: Equipped with advanced visual identification technology, cartoner machine can quickly and accurately identify tea bags and coffee bags of different specifications and shapes, ensuring that each product can be accurately packed into the box.
(3): Environmentally friendly material selection: Using environmentally friendly materials to make boxes not only conforms to the green consumption concept of modern consumers, but also reduces the company's environmental protection costs.
(4): Customized services: Based on the specific needs of tea and coffee companies, we provide customized cartoning machine solutions, including equipment size, box design, output requirements, etc., to ensure that the equipment perfectly matches the company's production process.
(5): Complete after-sales service: Provide a full range of after-sales services, including equipment installation, debugging, training and long-term maintenance, to ensure that enterprises can use the equipment smoothly and give full play to the performance of the equipment.

We are well aware that tea and coffee company attach great importance to product packaging, so we are committed to building a cartoning machine that truly meets the needs of the company. If you are looking for a professional and efficient box packing machine cartoning machine for pyramid tea bag and drip coffee bag, stick pack, Please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Part 6: Tea box cellophane wrapping machine and shrinking machine for drip coffee box

Tea box cellophane wrapping machine is a packing machine used to cover the surface of tea packaging boxes with a protective film, and the machine can shrink tea box with plastic film through hot pressing, bonding, etc to increase the gloss, waterproofness and wear resistance of the tea box, and improve the grade and added value of the product.

Tea box cellophane wrapping machine, also called cellophane overwrapping machine, usually consist of feeding part, bag forming part, shinking part, and heating part, and a rewinding part. When working, the tea box will be transfereed to bag forming system, and after tea box arrive, the machine will automatically wrap up the tea box, and seal up. After then, tea box will be sent to the heat sealing tunnel to shink up.

Tea box cellophane wrapping machine can greatly improve the grade and aesthetics of tea box packaging, while also increasing the shelf life and display effect of tea. In addition, the tea box cellophane wrapping machine also has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency, and wide application range, so it has been widely used in the tea packaging industry. It should be noted that when using the tea box cellophane wrapping machine, you should select the appropriate film material and adjust the machine parameters according to different tea box materials and thicknesses to ensure the laminating effect and quality. At the same time, the machine should be maintained and maintained regularly to extend its service life and maintain stable performance.

Tea box packing machine can be divided into many types according to different classification standards:

(1). Tea box cellophane wrapping machine with cutting corner function:
Tea box cellophane wrapping machine with cutting corner function is an advanced packing equipment, mainly used for high-end products, like tea box, coffee case, luxious cosmetic box, perfume box.

The working principle of tea box cellophane wrapping machine with cutting corner function is to feed the box into the OPP bag and then sealing up, useing a high-precision cutting tool to fillet the right-angled edges of cling film, forming a overwrapping with a rounded corner effect for box. This equipment can greatly improve the appearance quality and protective performance of product, while also increasing the added value and uniqueness of product.

In beverage industry, tea box cellophane wrapping machine with cutting corner function is mainly used for high-end tea box packaging to maintain the freshness and quality of the tea leaves.

(2). Cigarette box wrapping machine

The cigarette packaging machine is a machine and equipment specially used for packaging tobacco products, but also applied to tea industry. Its working principle is to put tobacco into the packaging box, then seal the packaging box and print the code. Cigarette packaging machines usually adopt the form of automated production lines, which have the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and high stability, and can greatly improve the packaging efficiency and packaging quality of tobacco products.

The cigarette pack machine is composed of multiple parts, including feeding system, sealing system, coding system, transmission system, etc. Among them, the feeding system is responsible for putting tobacco into the packaging box, the sealing system is responsible for sealing the packaging box, the coding system is responsible for printing production date, batch number and other information on the packaging box, and the transmission system is responsible for transporting the packaged tobacco products to the next A process or warehouse.

The application of cigarette packaging machines can greatly improve the packaging efficiency and packaging quality of tobacco products, and also help improve the brand image and market competitiveness of tobacco products. The working principle and structural characteristics of the cigarette packaging machine make it an ideal choice for the tobacco packaging industry.

(3). Auto l sealer shrink wrapping machine :

The auto l sealer shrink wrapping machine is a device used to automatically shrink printed matter or packaging boxes. Its working principle is to shrink the plastic film by heating and pressurizing it and tightly wrapping it on the printed matter or packaging box. The L-shaped automatic shrinking machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, beautiful appearance, and environmental protection, and can be widely used in packaging, printing, stationery, gifts and other industries.

The auto l sealer shrink wrapping machine is composed of multiple parts, including the main machine, heating device, transmission device, cooling device, etc. Among them, the host is the core part of the entire equipment, responsible for sending the plastic film into the heating device for heating treatment; the heating device softens the plastic film through heating with electric heating wires; the transmission device is responsible for transferring the softened plastic film to the host area; the cooling device is responsible for cooling and shaping the shrunk printed matter or packaging box.

The application of L-shaped automatic shrinking machine can improve the aesthetics and protective performance of printed matter or packaging boxes, and also help to enhance the added value and market competitiveness of products. By using the L-shaped automatic shrinking machine, companies can quickly and efficiently complete the shrink.

Part 7:  Fruit and vegetable packing machine manufacturer and supplier China, as a manufacturing company, offer you the professional packaging solution and production line for fruits, vegetables, mushroom, food, meant, etc.

So if you are fruit and vegetable company, farm, or supermarket, or related, you may read packing solution below:
(1). Tray with cling film wrap for fruits and vegetable, mushroom
(2). Tray with bag for fruits and vegetable, mushroom
(3). Packaging bag for fruits and vegetable, mushroom

Types of packing equipment for fruit and vegetable:

(1). Vegetable packaging machine: The vegetable packaging machine is a machine specially used for packaging vegetables, and can be selected according to different vegetable types and packaging requirements. For example, a modified atmosphere packaging machine can put vegetables into air-tight packaging bags, remove the air and seal them to extend their shelf life.

(2). Fruit packaging machine: Fruit packaging machine is mainly used for packaging fruits. They can automatically identify the size, shape and location of fruits, then sort and package them. Fruit packaging machines usually include conveyor belts, sorting devices and packaging devices, which can be adjusted as needed to accommodate different types of fruits.

(3). Automatic weighing and packaging machine: The automatic weighing and packaging machine can automatically weigh and package vegetables or fruits to improve production efficiency and accuracy. They are usually used in conjunction with conveyor belts to transport vegetables or fruits to the corresponding location.

(4). Vacuum packaging machine: The vacuum packaging machine can put vegetables or fruits into vacuum bags, exclude the air and seal them to extend the shelf life. This packaging method prevents the adverse effects of oxygen on vegetables and fruits.

(5). Heat shrink cling film wrapping machine for ruit and vegetable: Heat shrink packaging machine can use shrink film to tightly wrap vegetables or fruits to prevent moisture evaporation and contamination. This packaging method protects the freshness and integrity of vegetables and fruits.

In short, there are many types of packaging machines for fresh fruits and vegetables, and different packaging machinery can be selected and used according to different requirements to improve production efficiency and product safety and quality.

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