Chrysanthemum tea or flower tea

Chrysanthemum tea or flower tea is a kind of herbal tea made from chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tea is made through processes such as picking flowers, drying in the shade, steaming in the sun, and baking.

According to ancient records, chrysanthemum has a sweet and bitter taste, is cold-tolerant, has the effects of dispelling wind and heat, clearing liver and improving eyesight, detoxification and anti-inflammatory. Chrysanthemum tea originated in the Tang Dynasty and was widely used in people's lives in the Qing Dynasty.

Chrysanthemum originated in China and has a cultivation history of more than 2500 years, with varieties reaching more than 3000. It is the most widely planted traditional famous flower in my country. In addition to garden viewing, medicinal chrysanthemum and tea chrysanthemum account for a large proportion. According to records, people in the Tang Dynasty have begun to have the habit of drinking chrysanthemum tea.

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