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Looking for drip bag coffee packaging manufacturer and supplier in Philippines?

We have drip coffee bag packaging roll and tea bag filter paper film delivery to Philippines Client with packaging bags. Thanks for support!

Drip coffee bag specification:
1. Bag size: 90*74mm
2. Width of film: 180mm
3. Quantity: 4500 bags per roll
4. Material: Non-woven filter + Paper hanging ear
5. Sealing ability: Heat sealing or Ultrasonic sealable
6. Packing: 45*45*60mm / 3 roll each cardon
7. Application: Coffee filter for drip coffee bag packing machine

Tea bag filter paper specification:
1. Standard size: 125mm, 145mm or 170mm or as request
2. Material: Wood Pulp + PP fiber
3. Sealing ability: Heat sealing
4. Packing: 45*45*50mm / 3 roll each cardon
5. Application: Tea and coffee filter for tea bag packing machine

From the outside, Philippines Luna drip coffee is like those cafes full of design in Brooklyn, New York. Brick walls, wooden furniture, and light bulbs decorated with bird cages make the cafe exude the atmosphere of Williamsburg, New York, but its meals Will remind you that you are still in Manila.

The Philippines Luna drip coffee serves breakfast throughout the day, and the most Philippine specialties are longganisa (Philippine sausage) and tocino (bacon). Popular food in the shop is pan de sal bread with Philippine sausage, tomato, kesong puti (buffalo cheese), with pesto mayonnaise; in addition, there is bacon and egg anato rice (yellow rice). But what is really looking forward to is the coffee in the store. 100% Liberica coffee beans produced in Cavite are blended into their own barako comprehensive coffee, which is freshly ground and brewed every hour.

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